Smoking Kills

Smoking Tabacco always has a bad effect. Replacing it cigarettes doesn’t make it any better. The list below will prove how this is true.

  • Nicotine reaches your brain that can alter your mood
  • When inhaling the smoke, you are damaging your lungs.
  • The Nicotine Content tighten the vessels that restrict blood flow
  • Increase Blood clots
  • Raises Blood Pressure
  • It increases the chances of Skin Cancer
  • Increases Hair Loss and Balding
  • Causes Pancreatic Cancer
  • Slows Down blood flow to the genital are of both women and men thus reducing Sexual Drive

Now, what would you gain if you stop smoking? First of Doctor’s can definitely help you to stop smoking, if you take their advice and follow them you can live a better and a healthier life.

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